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  Download December 2015
User Group Meeting December 2015

  Download August 2015
Temporal Table Support in SQL Server 2016 -Vern Rabe

  Download May 2015
Ouch! Our Data Type Choices Did THAT -Vern Rabe

  Download April 2015
SQL Server Multi-Column Indexes vs Multiple Single Indexes -Joshua Jin

  Download March 2015
Using CI & CD with Microsoft SQL Server-Tim Giorgi

  Download January 2015
Meeting Presentation Materials

  Download January 2015
World's Worst Performance Tuning Techniques -Kendra Little

  Download December 2014
Meeting Presentation Materials

  Download October 2014
Bob Beauchemin - PowerShell and SQL Server

  Download October 2014
Chris Dart - PowerShell Classes and Books

  Download September 2014
Chris Dart - Portland SQL Server User Group New Direction

  Download June 2014
Bob Beauchemin - SQL Server 2014's new cardinality estimator for query plans

  Download March 2014
Mark Krampits - High Availability and DR with AlwaysOn

  Download Aug 2013
Rob Garrison - SQL Server 2008 and 2012's Date and Time Features

  Download Jan 2013
Bob Beauchemin - Who's running my SQL Server services?

  Download June 2012
Joshua Jin - SQL Tools and Utilities.

  Download May 2012
Ron Talmage - Managing Partitioned Tables.

  Download February 2012
Mark Krampits - High Availability and Disaster recovery options for SQL Server.

  Download April 2011
Chris Dart - Virtualization for Dummies by an App DBA.

  Download March 2011
Greg Larson-Through the Looking-Glass

  Download June 2010
Rob Garrison-Understanding SQL Injection for Database Developers and Administrators

  Download February 2010
Rob Garrison-Exploring Data Compression in SQL Server 2008

  Download January 2009
Ryan Lence -MCM program

  Download December 2009
Greg Larson-Indexing Guidelines

  Download October 2009
Joshua Jin-Powershell Usage Examples for SQL DBA/Developer

  Download May 2008
Thanh Ngo (OJ) -Mananging SQLServer 2008 with PowerShell

  Download February 2008
Joshua Jin - SQL 2005 Performance Tuning Case Studies.

  Download January 2008
Joshua Jin -SQL Server Tools and Utilities.



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