March 28, 2019 6:30 PM

PacificSource Health Plans
13010 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 140
Tigard, OR 97223

As you are facing the long side of the building – the main entrance is to your left. To the right, around the corner at the end of the building is a door which leads to the hallway where the new room is, and the first door on your right is “it”.
Multi-Tenant Implementation/RLS (row level security) with Pat Jesson

Pat will discuss the multi-tenant system he implemented using Row Level Security and other database constructs. The goal was to allow applications to be unaware of the system and require little to no code changes. He’ll share the design process and the code he created. He’ll also discuss the implementation process including unit testing. Then he’ll discuss issues with the implementation and lessons he learned during the process.

Pat is a Technical Architect on the .Net stack. In his early years he worked on operating systems and compilers on the Unisys A Series mainframes. But since 1997 he’s been doing applications primarily built on MS-SQL databases and since the release of .Net/C# he has worked exclusively in the Microsoft world. Like many, he has become something of an “accidental DBA” or more accurately accidental data architect. At a recent position he created a multi-tenant system to allow multiple companies to share databases and applications.



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