MAy 12, 2021 4:00 PM

Online Meeting: Link to the meeting

The Portland SQL Server Users Group is a member of the PNW Data Community! All of the local data groups are working together, and this month the Portland SQL Server User Group will be the hosts for the April meeting. We will be using Microsoft Teams for this meeting. Also note meeting start time for this event is 4:00 PM.
Query Store Feature for SQL Server with Deepthi Goguri

Are you facing performance issues due to the parameter sensitive queries? Are many plans being generated for your queries and you cannot control choosing the plan best for your query? Come learn in this session how we can capture the different plans generated for those queries and decide which plan you can force for better performance using the Query Store feature. Query Store feature introduced in SQL Server 2016 and has advanced its features introducing Wait stats per Query plan and Automatic Plan correction feature in SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL database which will force the plans and resolve the issues automatically for you. Sounds amazing, right? Join Deepthi to know all about the Query Store feature and its advancements in detail so you can implement them to take advantage of this Awesome feature!

Deepthi is a SQL Server Database Administrator with several years of experience in Administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft certified trainer and Microsoft certified professional with an Associate and Expert level Certification on Data Management and Analytics. Deepthi blogs for DBANuggets.com. Deepthi is an Co-Organizer for Microsoft Data and AI South Florida user group and Data Platform Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Virtual Group. She is a Volunteer for Data platform Women in Technology user group. She is a Friend of Redgate. Along with this, Deepthi loves arts and crafts. You can contact her on Twitter @dbanuggets.




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